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Nonprofit financial reporting models are considerably different than those of a typical for-profit enterprise. You need a relationship with a firm that is especially comfortable understanding a nonprofit’s books, its organizational culture and, most importantly, its mission. Most of all, you need a nonprofit auditing services provider who offers responsive service and intelligent guidance so you can concentrate on your mission of helping others.

With our reputable nonprofit accountants you get a relationship with a team dedicated to serving the accounting needs of foundations, benevolent organizations, and nonprofit enterprises every day of the year. We take the anxiety and uncertainty out of meeting with your accountant, leaving you free to concentrate on your organization’s goals and priorities.

From day one, we guarantee regular, hands-on involvement by our most experienced senior personnel. We are also keenly aware of the great care you must take in minding costs so we eliminate the surprises that can come from a firm unaccustomed to nonprofit audits. You can trust that no matter what the project size, we strictly adhere to our fee estimates.

Our clients trust our nonprofit CPAs to notice compliance issues before they become problems, keep them abreast of developments in nonprofit tax law, and deliver hassle-free audits without annoying costs and time overruns.